Cabinets are a beautiful part of a new home. The cabinets you choose help to showcase your personal style and can make your house feel more like your home. Cabinets also provide important storage for all of your “stuff”! In your kitchen you are likely going to be doing so much more than just cooking and cleaning up. You will be entertaining, dining, spending quality family time and just enjoying life! Spending adequate time and attention to the inside of your cabinets will make your life much easier!! Here are some of the best ideas for organizing your kitchen.
A spice pullout is a perfect place for all those spices you love to use while cooking your favorite meal. This model that we use from Rev-a-Shelf has adjustable shelves so you can house spices of many different sizes all within reach of your cooktop.
If you love to bake, you must invest in a mixer lift. Commercial grade mixers have become very common in residential homes. They are affordable, versatile and fun but they are also heavy!!! A mixer lift will allow you to store and use your mixer without ever having to break your back trying to lift it.!
The corner of your kitchen is one of the trickiest areas to design. Finding a way to utilize your space is often difficult. A lazy susan will allow you to use much of the space in a corner. It also helps you to know exactly what you have stored in the cabinet because it turns all the way around. No more digging through your Tupperware on your hands and knees for that one lid to fit the bowl you’ve already filled!.
Everyone who has a kitchen also has trash to deal with! Why not build your trash storage into your cabinetry? There are many different sizes and designs of trash storage. There are single and double trash can storage pullouts. There are pullouts that have a spot for your box of trash bags. There are even organizers that will help you keep your recycled items separate from your trash. Depending upon the space you have available and your budget, you should be able to meet your own specific needs with one of these handy items.
Keeping your flatware well organized is a must! Depending upon the specific utensils you use, you can find a cutlery organizer in most sizes to fit your needs. These come in sizes to accommodate eating utensils like forks, knives and spoons or with larger spaces for serving items. There are even organizers for knives. Most of these will fit inside your top drawer for easy access but check out this new product from Rev-a-Shelf that is a pullout unit. We’ve used this in several kitchens and it is awesome!
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  1. Millie Hue

    I love that you mentioned that there are choices wherein you can segregate recyclable items from other trash. With that in mind, I will have cabinets like that to ensure that we can help the planet to be better. It did not cross my mind at first since my main goal was to change the original cabinets in this house due to being too old. But I like your suggestion a lot.

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