Choosing a style for your cabinetry can be a daunting task. If you are having a hard time determining if you want a traditional, timeless design or the clean look of contemporary, there may be a way you can have both! Transitional style is a blend of traditional and contemporary styles, somewhere between the old world ornate and the sharp polished modern. Eclectic in nature, transitional style is a mixture of manmade materials and natural elements.
A transitional style kitchen can promote balance and harmony. For cabinets this can mean mixing the beautiful natural grain of stain grade with the clean look of painted cabinets or mixing the clean lines of your shaker style cabinets with the rugged, earthy shapes of stone or granite. In some ways, transitional style allows you to create your own unique space! Imagine the warm, familiar feel of a timeless design with the simple, clean lines of a modern space. In a transitional style kitchen you might see brightly painted cabinets with square corners and simple lines with a dark stained island with ornate posts or corbels. Using transitional style customers are able to stay within the comfort of traditional or contemporary style while making it their own with a few varied items.
The custom hood surround is a great area to blend in a familiar feel. Surrounds made from brick, stone, copper and beautifully grained natural wood contrast beautifully with simple, painted cabinets. Traditional apron front sinks made from stainless steel or copper contrast beautifully with the straight lines of contemporary cabinets. These focal points in your kitchen give you an opportunity to showcase your own personal style. Because transitional style is difficult to define, you don’t have any rules to follow! If you are a homeowner who isn’t comfortable conforming, transitional style is for you.
MDF vs Hardwood Cabinet Doors

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